Download Ringtone Boasty – Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul


Category : Hip hop

Download Ringtone Boasty - Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul:

Ayo Idris, tell dem other gyal nuh tek di piss
When Steffy step out with a ton of energist
Body comfortable and me physically fit
And me brown and sweet just like the chocolate
Yo Wiley, dem wann' sound like me
'Cah da Don yah pussy pretty wid the ochro body
Shut down any city with my bad gyal posse
Hah, every man want piece of me
The bokkle dem ah pop and dem ah burn weed
Man want whine behind of me
Me haffi move 'cah him dusty
I'm looking for a bredda who got hella pounds
079 baby, I'ma hand my digits up

Boasty, boasty, Godfather, man a OG
Man a half humble, man are boasty
Fling a ragga riddim like it's '03 (Bidi bang bang)
Boasty, house on the coast G (Bidi bang bang)
My money so long it doesn't know me (Bidi bang bang)
It's looking at my kids, like I'm boasty
Ayo Sean